Using Voicemail to Sell Your Cleaning Services

How Often would you cold call a potential client, only To be attached to their own voicemail? Can you leave a message? Lots of individuals aren't going to leave messages since they never obtain a call back. That is because they often do one of 2 things: 1) that they just abandon their name, business name and contact number(or two) they render a more comprehensive message that seems like a sales pitch. In both situations, they are never likely to be given a call back. That is because there's not any WIIFM (what's in it for me?). For the receiver of the telephone. Read more about this at this link: cheap 800 number .

With a little preparation, you can't only use voicemail to get a return telephone call, however, you may use it in order to make a memorable impression which will gradually result in a meeting with the potential customer.

So what is the secret for getting them to phone back? A good guideline for leaving voicemail messages which get return calls would be to 1) begin to your 30-second elevator address (or the initial portion of it), and 2) create a persuasive statement that makes them thinking! Use words that explain how they feel: frustrated, frustrated, angry, annoyed, anxious, overwhelmed, sad, cynical. Here's an illustration:

Hello, this is John Smith using All-American Cleaning Company. We work with companies that are frustrated with their current cleaning service, or frustrated at the value they are getting for the money they're spending. If this seems familiar, please give me a call since I might have some options for you. My number is 555-123-1234. I look forward to speaking with you.

Even if this does not induce the possibility to return your telephone, do not stop trying. Bear in mind, it takes a few "rolls" before individuals make a purchase, therefore keep to follow them up. Does that imply leaving six voicemail messages? No, you could get blacklisted if you do that. However, following a week, then try another voicemail follow that is like the initial message you left, but having a bit more certainty:

Hi this is John Smith using All-American cleaning company again. If you're frustrated with your current cleaning business or find you are spending too much time handling tenant complaints, I could be an important source for you. Please give me a call at 555-123-1234. Check out for more info.

Challenge yourself to create a list of problems your customers need solved. Then use this list to make variations of this voicemails listed above. Track that voicemails get the best answer and begin utilizing these as your first and second voicemail messages. The purpose here is to get the possibility to pick up the telephone and ask, "How can you do so?"
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